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A little note about adverts/spam/club listings
Whilst this community is open access, and, up until just now has been instant-posting-access as well, I've switched it to moderated posting, and deleted the last 3 postings of club related spam.

I think it's perfectly acceptable for people to post announcements of events up here but, please, lj-cut them first. This group started off in England, by some people here being rather daft, shooting goths in the face with toy guns and generally gibbering on about "only bass line" -we're not really likely to be clubbing in Russia, or NY any time soon.

That said, you're free to post these things, I or one of the other mods will click the accepty button, if you keep it sensible with cut-tags. When people start doing that I'll left the moderated-posts setting off the community :)

That said, perhaps it's time to start off some genuine discussion on here rather than let it become ad-space.

Noise-related or not, what music have you been really listening to lately, and why should everyone else check it out?
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